Patients in Extended Care Gym

Ultra-Modern Rehab Gym

Part of our modern rehabilitation facility, our gym offers one-on-one training for steady progress toward recovery.

Your therapist will work with you to create a program that's right for your treatment. 

"We're so grateful for the work you all do. We've visited other facilities, and we say you're the best."

Janie Taylor and family
Patient on Cardio Machine by Window

Cardio With a View

Enjoy the outdoor view from each cardio machine to make therapy as relaxing as possible.

Patient in Therapy Courtyard

Therapy Courtyard

The garden off the large gym is more than just a beautiful space. It's designed to help you practice walking on different terrain.

Improve your stability on sand, rocks, grass, rough concrete and stairs inside a peaceful courtyard.

Patient Practicing Car Transfer

Car Transfers

Everyone likes to travel. Practice getting in and out of a car safely with our car transfer simulator.

The car transfer simulator adjusts up and down so you can practice mobility with the actual height of your car, in a controlled environment.

Patient Using Walking Harness

Walking Harness

Specialized harnesses attached to a track in the ceiling reduce your weight while walking so you can begin therapy as early as possible.

By gradually increasing the weight you bear as your body is ready, this equipment can help you walk again faster.

Patient in Therapy Bedroom

Adapting to Home

The therapy apartment offers a home-like environment where you can become comfortable performing household tasks.

Learn to confidently move around the house again, preparing for the day, putting clothes away and cleaning.

Patient Cooking in Kitchen

Confidence in the Kitchen

A full working kitchen helps you practice cooking, washing dishes, and other common kitchen tasks.

Patient in Cognitive Practice

Cognitive Practice

Your therapist will help strengthen your cognitive skills so you'll remember previous behavior and thought patterns, helping you function better in real-world situations.


Treatment for Swallowing Disorders

Different techniques and exercises can help you reactivate the muscles and nerves that make swallowing possible.

Diagnosis Treated 053a

Diagnoses Treated

We treat asthma, emphysema, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, lung resection and lung cancer.

After an initial screening and evaluation, your treatment may include oxygen therapy, delivery of aerosol medications, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and stress management.

Patient in Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Techniques

Controlled breathing exercises from respiratory therapists can help you relax.

Reducing the stress that comes with respiratory difficulty will help you get the most out of your therapy.

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