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Questions You Need to Ask

Get the information you need to choose the right place for your extended care.

How is the quality of care?

  • Does the place meet your standards of cleanliness and attractiveness?
  • Are staff members respectful of residents’ privacy and dignity?
  • Are residents encouraged to participate in developing their care plans?

What is life like as a resident?

  • Is the atmosphere warm and friendly?
  • What kind of interesting activities are available?
  • Does the facility welcome entertainment and visitors from the community?

Are they focused on recovery?

  • Does the facility have an active rehabilitation program?
  • Do residents get regular medical attention?
  • Are doctors on call in case of emergencies?

Is the staff consistent and qualified?

  • Does the facility use agency staff?
  • What is the annual staff turnover?
  • What are the staff members’ qualifications?

See how we answer the tough questions.

Our staff, resident life and rehabilitation program are second to none.

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